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[audio]Boy And Father by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
To the boy Alexander, it is dreams from his reading and wonder about his lost mother as the rain comes down.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Boy and Father; dreams; adventure; mother; poetry
Downloads: 62
[audio]Solandar's Radio Tomb by Ellis Parker Butler - Roy Trumbull
This story was first published in 1927 in Amazing Stories at a time when the new technology was radio. It tells a cautious tale about the perils of the future. A millionaire has a granite tomb built with loudspeakers to broadcast the sound of his radio station. If your grandfather doesn't get computers, nonetheless it's your turn to play the fool and ask him what A and B batteries were.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; radio; cemeteries; wills; death; tombs
Downloads: 103
[audio]Pap's Pinto by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
Two hunters have had their pack horses run off. While sitting at their camp fire that night an old prospector joins them. He's tried horses for packing and after much grief came to appreciate burros. He tells the tale of his last pack horse, an ornery pinto.
Keywords: pack horses; hunters; prospectors; burros; buzzards; sudden storm; Frank Bird Linderman
Downloads: 96
[audio]The Invasion of the Terra Cots - Roy Trumbull
They may look like ordinary house plants but they are in fact the deadly pre-invasion advance guard of the Terra-Cots from planet Erg.
Keywords: science fiction; fantasy; humor; sci-fi
Downloads: 214
[audio]Why Spuyten Duyvil Is So Named - Roy Trumbull
The tale of the New Amsterdam trumpeter sent to warn of a British invasion who can't find a ferryman. He vows to cross the water in spite of the devil. The devil takes him on and he gets out one final blast before he drowns. This story comes from "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: New Amsterdam; devil; British; trumpeter; Anthony Van Corlaer; Spuyten Duyvil
Downloads: 68
[audio]Gray Mole and the Indian - Roy Trumbull
An American Indian tale. An Indian befriends a gray mole and they travel to the far water. The trees talk to them and tell them what they are useful for. A magic canoe takes them to the mole's home on an island where they set a snare for the sun who has scorched the Indian's deer skin.
Keywords: Indian; gray mole; folklore; audio book; fiction
Downloads: 703
[audio]Stopover Planet by Robert E. Gilbert - Roy Trumbull
Aliens collect samples for the galactic museum. Their task is made simple by baiting humans with their own desires.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; aliens; human exhibit; galactic museum; audio book
Downloads: 124
[audio]Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley - Roy Trumbull
A scary poem about the goblins who'll get you if you don't watch out. James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) was known as the Hoosier poet.
Keywords: Little Orphant Annie; goblins; scary; James Whitcomb Riley; poem
Downloads: 94
[audio]The Lawyers Know Too Much by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A search is made for that which is created by lawyers yet its substance cannot be found.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; poetry; lawyers; legal language
Downloads: 72
[audio]Generic Privacy Notice - Roy Trumbull
Having gotten those two or three page notices from almost every business or service I deal with, the absurdity of it got to me and this was the result.
Keywords: privacy notice; satire; government; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 308
[audio]How Six Men Traveled Through The World - Roy Trumbull
Long before there were comic books there were fairy tales. Some of them had what would later be called Super Heroes. In this tale we start out with a discharged soldier who has less than a cent in his pocket. But by the end he has six super companions and all the gold in the kingdom. The text for this story may be found at
Keywords: fairy tale; super heros; soldier; kingdom; princess; king; gold
Downloads: 890
[audio]Miss Moose Meat - Roy Trumbull
copyright 2008 by Roy Trumbull A young lady is proud of the fact she was named Miss Moose Meat at a beauty contest in Alaska. In fact she never fails to mention the fact, much to the chagrin of her brother. It acts as a boy friend screening process. If a guy is still interested after he hears the tale, then maybe he's the one.
Keywords: Alaska; moose; satire; love; beauty contest; love; college; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,526
[audio]Sarah and Dean - Roy Trumbull
Universal Healthcare or Private Healthcare? Our favorite couple Sarah and Dean thrash it out.
Keywords: Healthcare; propaganda; humor
Downloads: 122
[audio]The Kitchen Side of the Door by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
In the ballroom of the grand hotel on New Year's Eve we pretty much know the scene. On the other side of the kitchen door, will a love gone sour sweeten before the night is over? The text for this story may be found at Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio books; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 240
[audio]Solomon's Orbit by William Carroll 1962 - Roy Trumbull
A Russian spy satellite is creamed by a vintage car hulk shot into space from a wrecking yard in Fullerton, CA.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; fantasy; space race; Russia; U.S; old cars; William Carroll; audio book
Downloads: 134
[audio]Sight Gag by Larry M. Harris - Roy Trumbull
An FBI PSI operative without weapons must go up against a killer. The killer is cloaked against the power of PSI forces.
Keywords: PSI; Sci-Fi; Larry M. Harris; killer; murder; mind
Downloads: 110
[audio]Of Time And Texas by William F. Nolan - Roy Trumbull
A professor invents a time door with which to solve the over population problem in the year 2057 There was plenty of room in Texas in 1957. There is a slight glitch. The text for this story may be found at .
Keywords: time travel; sci-fi; Nolan; audio book; fiction; classic sci-fi; humor
Downloads: 224
[audio]One Hoss Shay - Roy Trumbull
THE DEACON'S MASTERPIECE OR, THE WONDERFUL "ONE-HOSS SHAY"-A Logical Story BY OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES The classic poem about something that lasts and lasts and just collapses all at once with no salvage value. One example is a chair and another is a Wall Street Investment Bank
Keywords: One Hoss Shay; collapse; durable; poem; audio book; Holmes
Downloads: 131
[audio]Joey and the P-Ball - Roy Trumbull
A teenager invents a golf ball that can't be lost.
Keywords: golf; fantasy; children's stories; audio books; teenagers; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 2,051
[audio]A Gun Trade by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
A beautiful Colt 45 with mother-of-pearl handle is traded. It's a mechanical disaster and the only one in danger from it is the person who tries to fire it. The trick is to trade it while the next mark is still in the thrall of its beauty and to get as far away as possible before the new owner tries to fire it.
Keywords: Colt 45; Frank Bird Linderman; old west; gun trades
Downloads: 84
[audio]The Smiler by Albert Hernhuter - Roy Trumbull
A coroner's inquest into a suicide results in the coroner's death at the hands of a science fiction literary agent.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; coroner; inquest; Albert Hernhuter; audio book; writer's agent
Downloads: 118
[audio]Certain Death Cola by Roy Trumbull copyright 2008 - Roy Trumbull
A business scheme based upon truth brings riches to those employing it. Imagine a can of high fructose corn syrup cola with a detailed list of all the medical ills drinking it will cause.
Keywords: cola; HFCS; high fructose corn syrup; fiction; audio book; death rockers; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,699
[audio]Master of Shadows - Roy Trumbull
Years after the Xenobots had been vanquished and their home planet destroyed, the human-Ahmanyan alliance discovered, to its dismay, that the Second Xenobot War was not, in fact, truly over. The Xenobot's great weapon that had worked so efficiently in the long ago War of the First Races continued to run on its own, but like so much of the Xenobot's technology, it was wearing out. A sudden collapse of this technology could bring about a catastrophe of unprecedented, perhaps galaxy-wide proportion...
Keywords: Starman; Sci-Fi; Fantasy; Xenobots; Tharsos; First Races
Downloads: 352
[audio]At The Bar by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
A Navajo horse blanket is missing. A sheep herder is suspected. The sheriff and his posse round up the suspect and he is brought to trial. But as this town had no sheriff, judge, or court, the terrified sheepherder is actually getting the squeeze to provide as many rounds of drinks as possible to the mock court before his funds run out.
Keywords: old west; Frank Bird Linderman; justice; court; robbery; saloon; sheepherder; cowpunchers
Downloads: 88
[audio]Joey and Young Mr. Tom by Roy Trumbull copyright 2009 - Roy Trumbull
Joey falls asleep and finds himself on a rail car in 1862 with a young Thomas Edison while the Civil War rages. Because Detroit is adjacent to Canada it was a major station on the Underground Railroad and the crossing point for fugitive slaves. I added mention in the story of the Unitarian minister Thomas Starr King. He was responsible for keeping California from supporting the confederates. For 22 years I worked one block away from his crypt at his church...
Keywords: Joey; Edison; adventure; fiction; historical; Civil War; slavery; Starr King; underground railroad
Downloads: 745
[audio]Vetting Medea by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
The Meanness and Rationalization Party is vetting Vice-Presidential candidates. Medea is on the list even though she's had more than her share of bad press. How many votes can you get after you kill your children, poison your exes trophy bride, turn the kings murdered corpse into an entrée, and later attempt to poison your stepson?
Keywords: Medea; vetting; politics; satire; campaign; vice president; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 93
[audio]An Earthquake Journal - Roy Trumbull
On this, the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area, I read my account from a journal I kept when I worked at KRON-TV.
Keywords: earthquake; Loma Prieta; San Francisco; journal; quake; KRON-TV; geek lit
Downloads: 259
[audio]Water Lilies - Roy Trumbull
The Water Lilies. An American Indian Tale. How a star maiden decided to become a water lily
Keywords: Indian; water lily; folklore; audio book
Downloads: 96
[audio]Fellow-Citizens by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A rather wry look at how to measures happiness.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Millionaire; Publisher; Mayor; Instrument Maker; happiness; Music
Downloads: 59
[audio]Lester and Earl Explain the Universe - Roy Trumbull
Two rural sages tackle religion, abortion, eternal congressmen, and China. All this while cleaning their rifles. Creative Commons Copyright - some rights reserved
Keywords: religion; abortion; congress; China; Lester and Earl; humor; satire
Downloads: 53
[audio]Early FM Tales by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
One would think that the way an FM station makes money is by selling commercials. For decades the owners have made money by selling the station to a bigger fool. Now the biggest fools own all the stations. This story goes back to the early 1960s and how it all began.
Keywords: FM radio; trade-outs; due bills; radio schools; limited partnerships; adult content
Downloads: 72
[audio]Raggedy Man by James Whitcomb Riley - Roy Trumbull
A childs view of a hired hand who was good at entertaining his bosses children as he did his work.
Keywords: Raggedy Man; James Whitcomb Riley; children; poetry
Downloads: 75
[audio]Un Morso Du Pang by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
The place is the midwest. The time is the early days of World War I. The young men are enlisting and their girl friends are left behind. Tessie Golden works in a watch factory and is sassy and confident. But when her boy friend comes home during a break in training she finds he is learning French. It dawns on her that when he comes home from the war he will be a diferent person but she will be the same...
Keywords: audio books; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 169
[audio]West Is West by Lois Rather - Roy Trumbull
Lois Rather was my cousin and a life long writer who greatly enjoyed doing research. She and her husband Cliff started the Rather Press in 1969. All the type was set by hand. They were well known and admired by those with similar enterprises. Some were dismayed that their earliest projects employed staples. They were taught how to stitch a binding and did so. Lois found that in 1889 the 23 year old Rudyard Kipling had gotten to England by way of America and she tracked down all the information s...
Keywords: Rudyard Kipling; San Francisco; Rather Press; Lois Rather
Downloads: 75
[audio]Joey and the Portal by Roy Trumbull copyright 2009 - Roy Trumbull
Joey visits an MRI machine and learns something about how it images soft tissue. Joey's Uncle Walter has vanished and in his uncles lab he finds something like a home brew MRI machine but it's much different. He figures out it's a portal but to where?
Keywords: Joey; MRI; Sci-Fi; fantasy; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,090
[audio]At The Gates of Tombs by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
I enjoy exploring the work of poets. Some poems become dated while others written long ago could have been written yesterday. That is the case here. Sandburg comments on the fate of civilizations and the fate of those seeking to stave off the inevitable.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; civilizations; decline; futility; poetry
Downloads: 96
[audio]Unborn Tomorrow by Mack Reynolds - Roy Trumbull
A client with money hires a detective to bring him a time traveler so he can learn the secrets of the future and put off his own death. This leads to a trip to Octoberfest and a triple hangover.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Mack Reynolds; Octoberfest; time travel; hangover
Downloads: 96
[audio]Ask Your Doctor About Foolium - Roy Trumbull
I wrote this after seeing one too many ads aimed directly at the rubes to get them to request script for expensive meds.
Keywords: drugs; medicine; health care; humor; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 966
[audio]The Beast of Space by F. E. Hardart - Roy Trumbull
An asteroid is actually a living creature based on silicon. It uses a female robot to lure spacemen. There are many old spaceships in one of its caves but no sign of the crews. They were eaten long ago.
Keywords: space; asteroids; living rock; robots; Sci-Fi; audio book
Downloads: 179
[audio]The Child Samuel - First Samuel - Roy Trumbull
This reading is from the first three chapters of First Samuel and tells the story of Samuel the child. One interesting thing to note is the use of "mine" where you would expect "my". "Mine" reminds us of the German parent of English and it is very natural for a child to say.
Keywords: bible; Samuel
Downloads: 489
[audio]The Nothing Equation by Tom Godwin - Roy Trumbull
This story was first published in Amazing stories in 1957. The text is available at A man is posted as an observer in a scientific bubble 10,000 light years outside our galaxy. Nothing bothers him. There is quite a lot of it.
Keywords: paranoid; Sci-Fi; danger; imagination
Downloads: 132
[audio]Toy Shop by Henry Maxwell Dempsey - Roy Trumbull
Toy Shop by Henry Maxwell Dempsey (aka Harry Harrison) A rocket sold by a pitchman in a toy department is destined to have a profound impact on the space program.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; pitchman; toy; space program; magnetic force
Downloads: 129
[audio]Paul Bunyon Tales - Roy Trumbull
A collection of tall tales that are part of the legend of Paul Bunyon.
Keywords: Paul Bunyon; tall tales; folklore
Downloads: 971
[audio]The Tinderbox by H.C. Andersen - Roy Trumbull
This is a tale in which a soldier is allowed to have his pick from three underground treasures guarded by huge dogs if only he will bring back a tinderbox. The secret of the tinderbox is that whoever has it can command the dogs to do his bidding. Naturally the soldier falls in love with a beautiful princess who complicates matters.
Keywords: tinderbox; Andersen; fairy tale; dogs; treasure; children's stories
Downloads: 406
[audio]The Donkey Cabbage - Roy Trumbull
A hunter receives two magic gifts only to lose them to the beautiful daughter of a witch. He regains them with the help of a magic cabbage that turns people into donkeys.
Keywords: fairy tale; magic; witch; hunter; cabbage
Downloads: 1,681
[audio]The Maternal Feminine by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
In a family of four sisters the full ration of common sense is vested in Sophie Decker, the spinster. The one who is the great beauty gets the prized marriage and more than her share of denial. This story will be a challenge for those readers who pride themselves on figuring out endings early. The text for this story may be found at Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio books; fiction; Ferber; hen lit; family; love
Downloads: 223
[audio]Notes On The Bible - Roy Trumbull
These are some notes on the differences between the Jewish bible and the Christian "Old Testament". The order of the books is different. The names of the books are different. The leading names within the stories are different. The translation problems are considerable. What the bible says or may not say remains problematic.
Keywords: bible; Christian; Jewish; translation; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 133
[audio]Baker's Dozen - Roy Trumbull
From the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner comes this tale of the origins of the baker's dozen.
Keywords: baker's dozen; myths; legends; New Amsterdam; bewitched; 13
Downloads: 75
[audio]The Mississippi Scheme - Roy Trumbull
A chapter from the 1841 book "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles MacKay. This story describes the financial bubble that engulfed all of France from 1717 to 1720. You may take comfort in the fact that there is a precedent for our recent sub-prime idiocy
Keywords: John Law; Regent; speculation; stocks; Mississippi; Company of the Indies; bubble; audio book
Downloads: 528
[audio]Book of Jonah - Roy Trumbull
This is a reading of the Book of Jonah (a.k.a Jonah and the Whale). In a literal translation it is a "big fish" that swallows Jonah. This story is read during Yom Kippur.
Keywords: Jonah; whale; bible
Downloads: 278
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